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Liz Lemon
That’s a Dealbreaker!
By Lizard Sour-Fruit
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Liz Lemon
17 July 2009 @ 06:41 pm
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NAME(S): Liz Lemon
FANDOM: 30 Rock
Although Liz seems to have lived a fairly average life, there are plenty of quirks and strange occurrences that are most unusual. Liz has a bit of a nerdish side to her, that was fairly obvious growing up in school. She didn’t fit in with the ‘cool’ kids particularly well and was mostly a social outcast. When attending a high school reunion, she was hesitant to see all of the people who bullied her as a child, thinking back to the sour memories. She realized that, in actually, she was the one who had bullied them. That rude aspect of her personality still exists today, making it much easier to believe. Liz also played for her school football team as a young girl, though mostly for the ideal of gender equality.

Her family is optimistic and supportive, for the most part. Her older brother suffered a head injury from a skiing accident during High School, and is unable to remember anything after that day. Her family plays along, letting him believe its 1985 during his senior year. Liz and her family got along swimmingly until the middle of season 1, where Jack interfered and exposed the flaws in their relationships.

Liz spent some time studying in Germany at some point during her schooling, and could speak fluent German at one time. During a mix- up in attempting a business deal with a German television studio, it seems she is not as fluent as she thought. Liz attended college where she studied theatre tech, and later did some acting work in commercials for erotic phone hotlines (though that’s just one of her embarrassing secrets.) It’s also mentioned that she taught improv classes for the elderly, though she’s haunted by the concept of doing it again.

Liz lived in Chicago with her friend and roommate Jenna, before they managed to make it into NBC. They created “The Girlie Show”, where Liz was the head writer and Jenna the lead star. It was renamed “The Girlie Show with Tracey Jordan” after her boss’s insistence to hire him.


Liz will be taken from the end of Season 3, where her catchphrase “That’s a deal-breaker!” has propelled her into the spotlight, with requests to appear on various talk shows to give her suddenly discovered ‘relationship advice’. Unfortunately, her advice has been to ‘shut it down’, thus the consequences are beginning to be seen.


Liz is, for the most part, an average Joe. Despite her friendship with big businessman Jack Donaghy, she’s fairly down to earth and enjoys the simple, casual things. Little things tend to excite her. When presented with the choice of ‘eating any place she wanted’ in New York, her first option was Quizno’s. She’s got a definite dorky side to her, along with plenty of quirks. Liz has a bit of a pessimistic attitude towards things in general, partly in due to her less than stellar love life and constant reminders of her age. Sarcasm and a dry humor abound.

Her stressful life involves watching over a room full of immature writers and attention-seeking stars, along with her boss Jack, all of which seem to need her help for every small problem under the sun. Without her, the show turns to chaos. She may complain and drag her feet sometimes, but she keeps going despite the troubles. Liz has gotten used to the stress, to the point where she almost needs it.

Liz is daring and not afraid to embarrass herself, if for others or for her own pride. Overall, she’s good to her friends. She can be good in giving general advice to others. Surprisingly enough, she can be quite positive when contemplating the problems of others, although she fails to show that sort of common sense when dealing with her own life. Her pride often leads her into strange and difficult situations.

She definitely has a dorky side. She’s made numerous references to the Star Wars movies, and has dressed as Princess Leia for Halloween and for skipping out on Jury Duty. Liz tends to wear her excitement over things easily, and isn’t afraid to shove certain accomplishments in the faces of others in a sort of ‘boo ya’ style. Despite this, she does take measures to cover up the less flattering aspects of herself. She also has a strong sense of what is fair, and hates to see people who break rules get off without some form of punishment.

There are times when Liz grows borderline obsessed with something, to the point where she rejects all reason around her in order to maniacally pursue her goal. After causing a chain reaction throughout the staff, Liz went on a firing spree, firing all who said any word against her. Liz also takes a great deal of comfort in food. That, especially, is something that upsets her- When her food is taken, she is known to go so far as throw objects and make death threats until the ones responsible fix the problem. Even when exercising (although it’s rare for her) she will be eating pudding.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Liz is a normal human, with nothing unusual about her. She can write scripts and has experience in the entertainment industry, but that’s it.

THIRD PERSON: It wasn’t too surprising that, just as things seemed to be going well in her life- That she was putting herself out there and seizing the moment- Things went horribly wrong. Well, she wasn’t sure if it was something bad, it just didn’t seem like something good. Finding yourself on a boat all of a sudden didn’t seem very good. Liz stumbled on the decks for a moment.

“What the what?” Okay… She was on a boat. On a boat, in the ocean… People dressed in strange costumes. Renaissance Festival?

“Um, excuse me,” She approached the nearest person. They looked like they’d know… something. “Hey, could you tell me… Where I am?” She winced slightly during her question. Oh, that was great. They’d probably assume she was a crazed junkie or something.

Well, she didn’t think she was drugged. How did she end up on a boat, again?

The man never gave her the decency of a proper answer, all but pulling her off the boat and onto the nearby docks. The nerve…!

“Hey! What’re you- Hey!” What was up with that guy?! She turned to protest, ready to give him a piece of her mind, but it only resulted in being all but thrown onto the nearby beach, a book falling next to her in the sand. As they walked off Liz got to her feet. “HEY! I’m gonna report you for this! You’ll be sorry! … Yeah!” It was a last-ditch effort to get back at them… And it failed miserably.

Yup. It looked like her good day had come to an end.

[Recorded, somewhat low in volume, mumbling to herself]
Ugh, talk about littering. Who leaves a journal out on a beach?

…Okay, theories. One… Jenna was jealous enough of my success that she… Hired some really, really bad hit men. …What are they wearing?!

Okay, theory two-


No, that can’t be it. She wouldn’t do that.

…Would she? [An annoyed sigh]

Well. I sure hope they have flushing toilets.